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We, Nanhai Plant Ltd, was established in 1988, a professional young plants producer in China, range round 180 varieties, such as, Alocasia sp, Aglaonema sp, Anthurium sp, Cordyline sp, Calathea sp, Dieffenbachia sp, Dracaena sp, Ficus sp, Guzmania sp,  Philodendron sp, Syngonium sp, Spathiphyllum sp, etc.  having seedlings, such as Rhapis sp, Chamaedorea sp, Radermachera, Monstera, Strelitzia, etc.  

With more than 30 years experience in young plants propagation and growing, our products are exported to many countries, like Holland, France, Japan, Korea, USA, and some mid-east countries, and gained widespread acceptance from our customers.   With our customers trusts and supports, in these years, we successfully extented our business field to big out door plants, the varieties like Cycas, Ficus bonsai, Ficus Corn,  Palm, fruit plants, etc.  satisifed with our customers

We herewith thank you very much for our friends supports, and we will continue to offer good quanlity plants to our friends, with good service.   Your any inquiry or comment are always welcome.

Thank you very much!

General Manager:  Mr. Keith Dow
Nanhai Plant Co.Ltd



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